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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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#include "wx.h"
#include "widgets.h"
#include "wx_visual.h"

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#define Uses_XtIntrinsic
#define Uses_wxGDI
#define Uses_wxMenu
#define Uses_ShellWidget
#define Uses_MenuWidget


void wxAddGrab (Widget)
void wxRemoveGrab (Widget)
static void FreeSaferef (Widget WXUNUSED(w), wxMenu **menup, XtPointer WXUNUSED(null))
void wxInitPopupMgr (void)
void wxUnpopMenu (void)


static wxMenupopped_up_menu

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#define Uses_MenuWidget

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#define Uses_wxGDI

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#define Uses_wxMenu

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static void FreeSaferef ( Widget   WXUNUSEDw,
wxMenu **  menup,
XtPointer   WXUNUSEDnull 
) [static]

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  FREE_SAFEREF((char *)menup);

  /* No XFORM_RESET_VAR_STACK because this one isn't xformed.  No need
     to xform because FREE_SAFEREF won't set the GC variable stack. */
void wxAddGrab ( Widget  )

Definition at line 44 of file mredx.cxx.

      if (!grab_stack_pos) {
       Widget *naya;
       if (!grab_stack)
       grab_stack_size += WSTACK_INC;
       naya = (Widget *)scheme_malloc(grab_stack_size * sizeof(Widget));
       memcpy(naya + WSTACK_INC, grab_stack, (grab_stack_size - WSTACK_INC) * sizeof(Widget));
       grab_stack = naya;
       grab_stack_pos = WSTACK_INC;

      grabber = grab_stack[--grab_stack_pos] = w;

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void wxRemoveGrab ( Widget  )

Definition at line 60 of file mredx.cxx.

      if (w != grabber)

      if (++grab_stack_pos < grab_stack_size)
       grabber = grab_stack[grab_stack_pos];
       grabber = NULL;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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