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plt-scheme  4.2.1
CrIFrP.c File Reference
#include "xpmP.h"

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void xpmCreateImageFromPixmap (Display *display, Pixmap pixmap, XImage **ximage_return, unsigned int *width, unsigned int *height)

Function Documentation

void xpmCreateImageFromPixmap ( Display *  display,
Pixmap  pixmap,
XImage **  ximage_return,
unsigned int width,
unsigned int height 

Definition at line 45 of file CrIFrP.c.

    unsigned int dum;
    int dummy;
    Window win;

    if (*width == 0 && *height == 0)
       XGetGeometry(display, pixmap, &win, &dummy, &dummy,
                   width, height, &dum, &dum);

    *ximage_return = XGetImage(display, pixmap, 0, 0, *width, *height,
                            AllPlanes, ZPixmap);

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