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plone3  3.1.7
view_changeset Namespace Reference


 reference_tool = context.reference_catalog
tuple obj1 = reference_tool.lookupObject(ids[0])
tuple obj2 = reference_tool.lookupObject(ids[1])
 dtool = context.portal_diff
tuple diffs = dtool.createChangeSet(obj1, obj2)
tuple ignore_list = context.getIgnoreFields()

Variable Documentation

list view_changeset.diffs = dtool.createChangeSet(obj1, obj2)

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view_changeset.dtool = context.portal_diff

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tuple view_changeset.ignore_list = context.getIgnoreFields()

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tuple view_changeset.obj1 = reference_tool.lookupObject(ids[0])

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view_changeset.obj2 = reference_tool.lookupObject(ids[1])

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view_changeset.reference_tool = context.reference_catalog


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