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plone3  3.1.7
members_add_control Namespace Reference


tuple mtool = getToolByName(script, 'portal_membership')
tuple ptool = getUtilityByInterfaceName('Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IPropertiesTool')
tuple rtool = getToolByName(script, 'portal_registration')
dictionary properties

Variable Documentation

tuple members_add_control.mtool = getToolByName(script, 'portal_membership')

Definition at line 9 of file

Initial value:
00001 {'username': member_id,
00002                                  'email': member_email}

Definition at line 15 of file

tuple members_add_control.ptool = getUtilityByInterfaceName('Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IPropertiesTool')

Definition at line 10 of file

members_add_control.REQUEST = context.REQUEST)

Definition at line 17 of file

tuple members_add_control.rtool = getToolByName(script, 'portal_registration')

Definition at line 11 of file