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plone3  3.1.7
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kss.demo.configfeature.fiveconfig Namespace Reference


class  DictLike


tuple __all__ = ('__compat__', )
tuple __compat__ = DictLike()

Detailed Description

Compatibility configuration switches

This is a transitional solution to attack the problem
of quickly changing Zope3 and Five APIs.

Import checks are done centrally from here.
The point is that compatibility imports should fail here,
if anything goes wrong. Components should only check
the switches set from here.

Corresponding configuration features are also set up
from the compat.zcml file. The idea is that all switches
are accessible both from python and zcml.

Supported versions:

Zope  2.9, 2.10
Zope  3.2, 3.3

Compatibility matrix

The following table shows which Five version can and should be used 
with which Zope 2 and Zope 3 versions.

.           Zope 2.8         Zope 2.9     Zope 2.10
.           Zope X3 3.0      Zope 3.2     Zope 3.3  
Five 1.0    included                               
Five 1.2    X                                      
Five 1.3                     included              
Five 1.4                     X                      
Five trunk                                included 

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class kss::demo::configfeature::fiveconfig::DictLike

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