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plone3  3.1.7
discussion_reply Namespace Reference


tuple dtool = getUtilityByInterfaceName('Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IDiscussionTool')
tuple talkback = dtool.getDiscussionFor(context)
tuple replyID = talkback.createReply(title=title, text=text)
tuple reply = talkback.getReply(replyID)

Variable Documentation

tuple discussion_reply.dtool = getUtilityByInterfaceName('Products.CMFCore.interfaces.IDiscussionTool')

Definition at line 7 of file

tuple discussion_reply.reply = talkback.getReply(replyID)

Definition at line 11 of file

tuple discussion_reply.replyID = talkback.createReply(title=title, text=text)

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tuple discussion_reply.talkback = dtool.getDiscussionFor(context)

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