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plone3  3.1.7
CMFEditions.Permissions Namespace Reference


string ApplyVersionControl = 'CMFEditions: Apply version control'
string SaveNewVersion = 'CMFEditions: Save new version'
string PurgeVersion = 'CMFEditions: Purge version'
string AccessPreviousVersions = 'CMFEditions: Access previous versions'
string RevertToPreviousVersions = 'CMFEditions: Revert to previous versions'
string CheckoutToLocation = 'CMFEditions: Checkout to location'
string ManageVersioningPolicies = 'CMFEditions: Manage versioning policies'

Variable Documentation

string CMFEditions.Permissions.AccessPreviousVersions = 'CMFEditions: Access previous versions'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.ApplyVersionControl = 'CMFEditions: Apply version control'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.CheckoutToLocation = 'CMFEditions: Checkout to location'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.ManageVersioningPolicies = 'CMFEditions: Manage versioning policies'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.PurgeVersion = 'CMFEditions: Purge version'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.RevertToPreviousVersions = 'CMFEditions: Revert to previous versions'

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string CMFEditions.Permissions.SaveNewVersion = 'CMFEditions: Save new version'

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