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plone3  3.1.7
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Archetypes.PloneCompat Namespace Reference


class  IndexIterator


def transaction_note


tuple logger = logging.getLogger('Archetypes')

Detailed Description

make some plone utilities available to raw CMF sites

Function Documentation

Write human legible note 

Definition at line 27 of file

00028     def transaction_note(note):
00029         """ Write human legible note """
00030         T=transaction.get()
00031         if (len(T.description)+len(note))>=65535:
00032             logger.warning('Transaction note too large omitting %s' % str(note))
00033         else:
00034             T.note(str(note))

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Variable Documentation

tuple Archetypes.PloneCompat.logger = logging.getLogger('Archetypes')

Definition at line 6 of file