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plone3  3.1.7
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00001 from zope.interface import Interface
00003 class IPortletAssignmentExportImportHandler(Interface):
00004     """An adapter which is used to export/import GenericSetup configuration
00005     for a particular portlet assignment type
00006     """
00008     def import_assignment(interface, node):
00009         """Set the properties on the given assignment, based on the given
00010         portlet type interface. The node is the <assignment /> root node.
00011         Settings are expected to be found in children of the node.
00012         """
00014     def export_assignment(interface, doc, node):
00015         """Export the properties of the given assignment with the given 
00016         portlet type interface as XML nodes appended to the given node.
00017         Use the doc object to create new nodes.
00018         """