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plone3  3.1.7
Static Public Attributes
wicked.atcontent.wickeddoc.WickedDoc Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

string archetype_name = 'Wicked Doc'
string portal_type = 'WickedDoc'
 global_allow = True
tuple schema = ATDocument.schema.copy()
 required = True,
 searchable = True,
 primary = True,
tuple filters = ('Wicked Filter',)
tuple validators = ('isTidyHtmlWithCleanup',)
 default_content_type = ATDOCUMENT_CONTENT_TYPE,
string default_output_type = 'text/html'
tuple allowable_content_types
tuple widget

Detailed Description

A page in the portal; supports wiki linking. 

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:

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tuple wicked.atcontent.wickeddoc.WickedDoc.filters = ('Wicked Filter',) [static]

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tuple wicked.atcontent.wickeddoc.WickedDoc.schema = ATDocument.schema.copy() [static]

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tuple wicked.atcontent.wickeddoc.WickedDoc.validators = ('isTidyHtmlWithCleanup',) [static]

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Initial value:
atapi.RichWidget(description = "The body text "\
                                            "of the document.",
                                            description_msgid = "help_body_text",
                                            label = "Body text",
                                            label_msgid = "label_body_text",
                                            rows = 25,
                                            i18n_domain = "plone")

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