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plone3  3.1.7
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plone.contentrules.rule.interfaces.IRuleConfiguration Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

tuple title
tuple description
tuple event
tuple enabled
tuple stop

Detailed Description

Configurable options for a rule

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
schema.Text(title = _(u'Description'),
                              description = _(u'A summary of the rule'),
                              required = False)

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Initial value:
schema.Bool(title = _(u'Enabled'),
                          description = _(u'Whether or not the rule is currently enabled'),
                          default = True)

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Initial value:
schema.Choice(title = _(u'Triggering event'),
                          description = _(u'The event that can trigger this rule'),
                          required = True,

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Initial value:
schema.Bool(title = _(u"Stop executing rules"),
                       description = _(u"Whether or not execution of further rules should stop after this rule is executed"),
                       default = False)

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Initial value:
schema.TextLine(title = _(u'Title'),
                            description = _(u'The title of the rule'),
                            required = True)

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