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plone3  3.1.7
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plone.contentrules.rule.interfaces.IRule Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

tuple conditions
tuple actions
tuple title
tuple description
tuple event
tuple enabled
tuple stop

Detailed Description

A rule - a collection of rule elements.

A rule is composed, normally through the user interface, of conditions and
actions. Upon some event, rules that are relevant in the given context will
be executed by adapting them to IExecutable and running its execute()

When saved in a rule storage, it will be given a name.

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
schema.List(title = u'Actions',
                          description = u'The actions of this rule',
                          required = True)

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Initial value:
schema.List(title = u'Conditions',
                             description = u'The conditions of this rule',
                             required = True)

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Initial value:
schema.Text(title = _(u'Description'),
                              description = _(u'A summary of the rule'),
                              required = False)

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Initial value:
schema.Bool(title = _(u'Enabled'),
                          description = _(u'Whether or not the rule is currently enabled'),
                          default = True)

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Initial value:
schema.Choice(title = _(u'Triggering event'),
                          description = _(u'The event that can trigger this rule'),
                          required = True,

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Initial value:
schema.Bool(title = _(u"Stop executing rules"),
                       description = _(u"Whether or not execution of further rules should stop after this rule is executed"),
                       default = False)

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Initial value:
schema.TextLine(title = _(u'Title'),
                            description = _(u'The title of the rule'),
                            required = True)

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