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plone3  3.1.7
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def refreshProvider
def getCommandSet

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Refreshes the selected provider (provides IContentProvider) named name and located
at selector in the HTML

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Member Function Documentation

def kss.core.kssview.CommandSet.getCommandSet (   self,
) [inherited]

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00181     def getCommandSet(self, name):
00182         return self.view.getCommandSet(name)
# BBB deprecated

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00015     def refreshProvider(self, name, selector):
00016         # Cleaned out all the old code pre-provider menus (supposed safe, we are in Plone 3.0)
00017         # Basically the code comes from jfroche's locking branch, where we get the provider
00018         # through adaptation and we render it. Right now a big refresh issue occurs on workflow
00019         # state changes
00020         contentMenuProvider = getMultiAdapter((self.context, self.request, self.view),
00021                                               IContentProvider,
00022                                               name=name)
00023         renderer = contentMenuProvider.__of__(self.context)
00024         renderer.update()
00025         result = renderer.render()
00026         # Command the replacement
00027         ksscore = self.getCommandSet('core')
00028         # Here we are using a replaceInner because we are binding to a selector to do that:
00029         # in case the provider does not want to be shown (and we have an example with the contentmenu
00030         # in edit tab) then the renderer might return a blank string, if we replace that normally then we
00031         # won't have selectors to get back!
00032         ksscore.replaceInnerHTML(ksscore.getCssSelector(selector), result)

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