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plone3  3.1.7
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Public Member Functions

def setUp
def testInterface
def testSimpleAction
def testViewAction
def testNonExisting

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Private Member Functions

def _getMenuItemByAction

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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00509     def _getMenuItemByAction(self, action):
00510         from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest
00511         context = dummy.Dummy()
00512         request = TestRequest()
00513         return, request, action)

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00500     def setUp(self):
00501         from Products.Five import zcml
00502         import Products.Five
00503         import
00504         zcml.load_config("meta.zcml", Products.Five)
00505         zcml.load_config('configure.zcml',
00506         zcml.load_config('tests.zcml',
00507 = getUtility(IBrowserMenu, 'plone_displayviews')

A DisplayViewsMenu implements an extended interface

Definition at line 514 of file

00515     def testInterface(self):
00516         """A DisplayViewsMenu implements an extended interface"""
00517         from interfaces import IDisplayViewsMenu
00518         self.assertTrue(IDisplayViewsMenu.providedBy(

Attempt to retrieve a non-registered IBrowserMenuItem

Definition at line 536 of file

00537     def testNonExisting(self):
00538         """Attempt to retrieve a non-registered IBrowserMenuItem"""
00539         item = self._getMenuItemByAction('nonesuch.html')
00540         self.assertTrue(item is None)

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Retrieve a registered IBrowserMenuItem

Definition at line 519 of file

00520     def testSimpleAction(self):
00521         """Retrieve a registered IBrowserMenuItem"""
00522         item = self._getMenuItemByAction('foo.html')
00523         self.assertFalse(item is None)
00524         self.assertEqual(item.title, 'Test Menu Item')

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Retrieve a registered IBrowserMenuItem

Definition at line 525 of file

00526     def testViewAction(self):
00527         """Retrieve a registered IBrowserMenuItem"""
00528         item = self._getMenuItemByAction('bar.html')
00529         self.assertFalse(item is None)
00530         self.assertEqual(item.title, 'Another Test Menu Item')
00532         item = self._getMenuItemByAction('@@bar.html')
00533         self.assertEqual(item.title, 'Another Test Menu Item')
00534         item = self._getMenuItemByAction('++view++bar.html')
00535         self.assertEqual(item.title, 'Another Test Menu Item')

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Member Data Documentation

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