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plone3  3.1.7
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kss.demo.browser.registry.KSSDemoRegistryAdminView Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def publishTraverse
def browserDefault
def cookSeleniumTests

Detailed Description

Things that only admin should do

Definition at line 126 of file

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 146 of file

00147     def browserDefault(self, request):
00148         # make ui the default method
00149         return self, ('cookSeleniumTests', )

Cook selenium tests

The *.html tests from each plugin are produced
into the file seltest_all.pty in the directory
of kss.demo.selenium_utils .

Definition at line 154 of file

00155     def cookSeleniumTests(self):
00156         """Cook selenium tests
00158         The *.html tests from each plugin are produced
00159         into the file seltest_all.pty in the directory
00160         of kss.demo.selenium_utils .
00161         """
00162         registry = getUtility(IKSSDemoRegistry)
00163         filenames = registry.selenium_tests
00164         # Cook them. This will create 
00165         cookSeleniumTests(filenames)
00166         # We are done.
00167         return "Selenium tests cooked OK. (%i)" % (len(filenames), )

Definition at line 140 of file

00141     def publishTraverse(self, request, name):
00142         try:
00143             return getattr(self, name)
00144         except AttributeError:
00145             raise NotFound(self.context, name, request)

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