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plone3  3.1.7
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kss.core.tests.test_browserview.TestBrowserView Class Reference
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def test_attach_error

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00024     def test_attach_error(self):
00025         'Test if errors are attached properly'
00026         # just render any page
00027         context = self.folder
00028         view = context.restrictedTraverse('@@kss_view')
00029         self.assert_(view is not None)
00030         view.attach_error(err_type='TheError', err_value='the_<>message\n\n')
00031         response = view.request.response
00032         header = response.getHeader('x-ksscommands')
00033         self.assert_('the_&amp;lt;&amp;gt;message' in header)   # no < > in the message
00034         self.assert_('\n' not in header)   # no /n in the payload: would destroy the page
00035         self.assertEqual(header, '<?xml version="1.0"?> <kukit xmlns=""> <commands> \t<command name="error"> \t\t<param name="type">system</param> \t\t<param name="message">TheError: the_&amp;lt;&amp;gt;message  </param> \t</command> </commands> </kukit> ')

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