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kss.core.tests.base.KSSViewTestCaseMixin Class Reference
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def loadCoreConfig
def createView
def setDebugRequest

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00109     def createView(self):
00110         "Set up a fake view (with no content)"
00111         self.view = self.folder.restrictedTraverse('testMethod')
00112         return self.view

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def kss.core.tests.base.KSSViewTestCaseMixin.loadCoreConfig (   self,
  kss_core = True 

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00103     def loadCoreConfig(self, kss_core=True):
00104         warnings.warn(
00105             "KSS tests are now using layers.  Please do not use "
00106             "loadCoreConfig anymore.",
00107             DeprecationWarning)

Definition at line 113 of file

00114     def setDebugRequest(self):
00115         'commands will be rendered as test friendly data structures'
00116         request = self.folder.REQUEST
00117         interface.directlyProvides(
00118             request,
00119             interface.directlyProvidedBy(request) + IDebugRequest)

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