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plone3  3.1.7
ZopeVersionControl.IVersionControl.IVersionInfo Class Reference
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Detailed Description

The IVersionInfo interface provides access to version control
   bookkeeping information. The fields provided by this interface

     timestamp - a float (time.time() format) value indicating the
     time that the bookkeeping information was created.

     history_id - the id of the version history related to the version
     controlled resource.
     version_id - the version id that the version controlled resource
     is based upon.

     status - an enumerated value indicating the status of the version
     controlled resource. This value is one of the VersionInfo class
     constants CHECKED_IN or CHECKED_OUT.

     sticky - sticky tag information used internally by the version
     control implementation.

     user_id - the id of the effective user at the time the bookkeeping
     information was created.

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