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ResourceRegistries.interfaces.registries.IJSRegistry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def registerScript
def manage_saveScripts
def manage_addScript
def manage_removeScript

Static Public Attributes

tuple id

Detailed Description

A tool for registering and evaluating script linkage.

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Member Function Documentation

def ResourceRegistries.interfaces.registries.IJSRegistry.manage_addScript (   id,
  expression = '',
  inline = False,
  enabled = True,
  REQUEST = None 
Add script from a ZMI form.

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00123     def manage_addScript(id, expression='', inline=False, enabled=True , REQUEST=None):
00124         """Add script from a ZMI form."""

Remove script via the ZMI.

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00126     def manage_removeScript(id, REQUEST=None):
00127         """Remove script via the ZMI."""
Save script data from form submission.

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00120     def manage_saveScripts(REQUEST=None):
00121         """Save script data from form submission."""

def ResourceRegistries.interfaces.registries.IJSRegistry.registerScript (   id,
  expression = '',
  inline = False,
  enabled = True 
Register a script.

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00117     def registerScript(id, expression='', inline=False, enabled=True):
00118         """Register a script."""

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
                   """ The tool's ID.o Must be set to 'portal_javascripts'.""")
A tool for registering and evaluating script linkage.

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