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plone3  3.1.7
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PortalTransforms.transforms.python.PythonTransform Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def name
def convert

Static Public Attributes

tuple inputs = ("text/x-python",)
string output = "text/html"
dictionary config

Static Private Attributes

 __implements__ = itransform
string __name__ = "python_to_html"

Detailed Description

Colorize Python source files

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Member Function Documentation

def PortalTransforms.transforms.python.PythonTransform.convert (   self,

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00141     def convert(self, orig, data, **kwargs):
00142         dest = StringIO()
00143         Parser(orig, self.config, dest).format()
00144         data.setData(dest.getvalue())
00145         return data

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00138     def name(self):
00139         return self.__name__

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Member Data Documentation

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string PortalTransforms.transforms.python.PythonTransform.__name__ = "python_to_html" [static, private]

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Initial value:
        'OPEN_NUMBER':       '<span style="color: #0080C0;">',
        'CLOSE_NUMBER':      '</span>',
        'OPEN_OP':           '<span style="color: #0000C0;">',
        'CLOSE_OP':          '</span>',
        'OPEN_STRING':       '<span style="color: #004080;">',
        'CLOSE_STRING':      '</span>',
        'OPEN_COMMENT':      '<span style="color: #008000;">',
        'CLOSE_COMMENT':      '</span>',
        'OPEN_NAME':         '<span style="color: #000000;">',
        'CLOSE_NAME':        '</span>',
        'OPEN_ERRORTOKEN':   '<span style="color: #FF8080;">',
        'CLOSE_ERRORTOKEN':  '</span>',
        'OPEN_KEYWORD':      '<span style="color: #C00000;">',
        'CLOSE_KEYWORD':     '</span>',
        'OPEN_TEXT':         '',
        'CLOSE_TEXT':        '',

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tuple PortalTransforms.transforms.python.PythonTransform.inputs = ("text/x-python",) [static]

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