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plone3  3.1.7
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Public Member Functions

def wrapGroup
 an exact copy from the base, so that we pick up the new GroupData.

Static Public Attributes

string meta_type = "PlonePAS GroupData Tool"
string toolicon = 'tool.gif'

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

PAS-specific implementation of groupdata tool. Uses Plone
GroupDataTool as a base.

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Member Function Documentation

an exact copy from the base, so that we pick up the new GroupData.

wrapGroup should have a GroupData factory method to over-ride (or even set at run-time!) so that we don't have to do this.

Returns an object implementing the GroupData interface.

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00069     def wrapGroup(self, g):
00070         """Returns an object implementing the GroupData interface."""
00072         id = g.getId()
00073         members = self._members
00074         if not members.has_key(id):
00075             # Get a temporary member that might be
00076             # registered later via registerMemberData().
00077             temps = self._v_temps
00078             if temps is not None and temps.has_key(id):
00079                 portal_group = temps[id]
00080             else:
00081                 base = aq_base(self)
00082                 portal_group = GroupData(base, id)
00083                 if temps is None:
00084                     self._v_temps = {id:portal_group}
00085                     if hasattr(self, 'REQUEST'):
00086                         # No REQUEST during tests.
00087                         # XXX jcc => CleanupTemp doesn't seem to work
00088                         # on Plone 1.0.3.  Have to find a way to pass
00089                         # around...
00090                         if _have_cleanup_temp:
00091                             self.REQUEST._hold(CleanupTemp(self))
00092                 else:
00093                     temps[id] = portal_group
00094         else:
00095             portal_group = members[id]
00096         # Return a wrapper with self as containment and
00097         # the user as context.
00098         return portal_group.__of__(self).__of__(g)
00100 InitializeClass(GroupDataTool)
00101 registerToolInterface('portal_groupdata', IGroupDataTool)

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