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plone3  3.1.7
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Marshall.namespaces.dcns.DublinCore Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def getATFields
def getSchemaInfo

Static Public Attributes

string xmlns = ''
string prefix = 'dc'
 uses_at_fields = True
tuple attributes

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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00167     def getATFields(self):
00168         return ('title',
00169                 'description',
00170                 'contributors',
00171                 'subject',
00172                 'creators',
00173                 'rights',
00174                 'language')

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00176     def getSchemaInfo(self):
00177         return [ ("DublinCore", "zeroOrMore", RNGSchemaFragment) ]

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        DCAttribute('title', 'Title', 'setTitle',
                    process=(, normalizer.newline)),
        DCAttribute('description', 'Description', 'setDescription',

        DCAttribute('subject', 'Subject', 'setSubject', many=True),                
        DCAttribute('contributor', 'Contributors', 'setContributors',
        # this attr diverges from cmfdefault.dublincore
        DCAttribute('creator', 'Creators', 'setCreators', many=True),
        DCAttribute('rights', 'Rights', 'setRights'),
        DCAttribute('language', 'Language', 'setLanguage')

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string Marshall.namespaces.dcns.DublinCore.xmlns = '' [static]

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