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plone3  3.1.7
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GenericSetup.tests.test_events.BaseEventTests Class Reference
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def testInterface
def testNormalConstruction
def testKeywordConstruction

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Member Function Documentation

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00010     def testInterface(self):
00011         event=self.klass("tool", "profile_id", "steps", "full_import")
00012         verifyObject(self.iface, event)

Definition at line 20 of file

00021     def testKeywordConstruction(self):
00022         event=self.klass(tool="tool", profile_id="profile_id", steps="steps", full_import="full_import")
00023         self.assertEqual(event.tool, "tool")
00024         self.assertEqual(event.profile_id, "profile_id")
00025         self.assertEqual(event.steps, "steps")
00026         self.assertEqual(event.full_import, "full_import")

Definition at line 13 of file

00014     def testNormalConstruction(self):
00015         event=self.klass("tool", "profile_id", "steps", "full_import")
00016         self.assertEqual(event.tool, "tool")
00017         self.assertEqual(event.profile_id, "profile_id")
00018         self.assertEqual(event.steps, "steps")
00019         self.assertEqual(event.full_import, "full_import")

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