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plone3  3.1.7
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CMFPlone.tests.testPloneView.TestVisibleIdsEnabled Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def testFailsWithSitePropertyDisabled
def testFailsWithMemberPropertyDisabled
def testSucceedsWithMemberAndSitePropertyEnabled
def setRequestMethod
def getAuthenticator
def setupAuthenticator

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Detailed Description

Tests the visibleIdsEnabled method

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Member Function Documentation

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00282     def afterSetUp(self):
00283         self.view = Plone(self.portal,
00284         self.member = self.portal.portal_membership.getAuthenticatedMember()
00285         self.props = self.portal.portal_properties.site_properties

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00031     def getAuthenticator(self):
00032         tag = AuthenticatorView('context', 'request').authenticator()
00033         pattern = '<input .*name="(\w+)".*value="(\w+)"'
00034         return match(pattern, tag).groups()

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def CMFPlone.tests.PloneTestCase.PloneTestCase.setRequestMethod (   self,
) [inherited]
This is a stub now, but in case you want to try
   something fancy on Your Branch (tm), put it here.

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00027     def setRequestMethod(self, method):
00028'REQUEST_METHOD', method)
00029 = method

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00036     def setupAuthenticator(self):
00037         name, token = self.getAuthenticator()
00038[name] = token

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00296     def testFailsWithMemberPropertyDisabled(self):
00297         # Should fail when member property is false
00298         self.member.setProperties(visible_ids=False)
00299         self.props.manage_changeProperties(visible_ids=True)
00300         self.failIf(self.view.visibleIdsEnabled())

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00287     def testFailsWithSitePropertyDisabled(self):
00288         # Set baseline
00289         self.member.setProperties(visible_ids=False)
00290         self.props.manage_changeProperties(visible_ids=False)
00291         # Should fail when site property is set false
00292         self.failIf(self.view.visibleIdsEnabled())
00293         self.member.setProperties(visible_ids=True)
00294         self.failIf(self.view.visibleIdsEnabled())

Definition at line 301 of file

00302     def testSucceedsWithMemberAndSitePropertyEnabled(self):
00303         # Should succeed only when site property and member property are true
00304         self.props.manage_changeProperties(visible_ids=True)
00305         self.member.setProperties(visible_ids=True)
00306         self.failUnless(self.view.visibleIdsEnabled())

Member Data Documentation

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