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CMFDiffTool.tests.testDiffTool.TestDiffTool Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def testInterface
def testRegisterDiffType
def testSetDiff
def testSetDiffReplaces
def testSingleSetDiffField
def testMultipleSetDiffField
def testReplaceSetDiffField
def testSetDiffFieldNameFailure
def testSetDiffFieldBlankFieldFailure
def testSetDiffFieldInvalidDiffFailure
def beforeTearDown

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Detailed Description

Test the portal_diff tool

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Member Function Documentation

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00019     def afterSetUp(self):
00020         self.p_diff = self.portal.portal_diff
00021         registerDiffType(DummyDiff)

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00079     def beforeTearDown(self):
00080         # Undo changes that don't get rolled back (i.e. module level changes)
00081         unregisterDiffType(DummyDiff)

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Ensure that tool instances implement the portal_diff interface

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00023     def testInterface(self):
00024         """Ensure that tool instances implement the portal_diff interface"""
00025         from Products.CMFDiffTool.interfaces.portal_diff import portal_diff
00026         self.failUnless(portal_diff.isImplementedBy(self.p_diff))

Test setDiffField method adding a second field to one content type

Definition at line 53 of file

00054     def testMultipleSetDiffField(self):
00055         """Test setDiffField method adding a second field to one content type"""
00056         self.p_diff.setDiffField('Document', 'title', 'Dummy Diff Type')
00057         self.p_diff.setDiffField('Document', 'description', 'Dummy Diff Type')
00058         d = {'title':'Dummy Diff Type', 'description':'Dummy Diff Type'}
00059         self.failUnless(self.p_diff.getDiffForPortalType('Document') == d)

Test registration of Diff types

Definition at line 27 of file

00028     def testRegisterDiffType(self):
00029         """Test registration of Diff types"""
00030         unregisterDiffType(DummyDiff)
00031         self.failIf('Dummy Diff Type' in self.p_diff.listDiffTypes())
00032         registerDiffType(DummyDiff)
00033         self.failUnless('Dummy Diff Type' in self.p_diff.listDiffTypes())

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Test that setDiffField does a replace for existing fields

Definition at line 60 of file

00061     def testReplaceSetDiffField(self):
00062         """Test that setDiffField does a replace for existing fields"""
00063         registerDiffType(DummyDiff2)
00064         self.p_diff.setDiffField('Document', 'title', 'Dummy Diff Type')
00065         self.p_diff.setDiffField('Document', 'title', 'Second Dummy Diff Type')
00066         d = {'title':'Second Dummy Diff Type'}
00067         self.failUnless(self.p_diff.getDiffForPortalType('Document') == d)
00068         unregisterDiffType(DummyDiff2)

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Test setDiffForPortalType() method

Definition at line 34 of file

00035     def testSetDiff(self):
00036         """Test setDiffForPortalType() method"""
00037         d = {'field1':'TestDiff', 'field2':'Dummy Diff Type'}
00038         self.p_diff.setDiffForPortalType('Document', d)
00039         self.failUnless(self.p_diff.getDiffForPortalType('Document') == d)

Definition at line 72 of file

00073     def testSetDiffFieldBlankFieldFailure(self):
00074         self.assertRaises('BadRequest', self.p_diff.setDiffField, 'Document', '', 'Dummy Diff Type')

Definition at line 75 of file

00076     def testSetDiffFieldInvalidDiffFailure(self):
00077         self.assertRaises('BadRequest', self.p_diff.setDiffField, 'Document', 'title', 'NoDiff')

Definition at line 69 of file

00070     def testSetDiffFieldNameFailure(self):
00071         self.assertRaises('BadRequest', self.p_diff.setDiffField, 'Bob', 'title', 'Dummy Diff Type')

Test that setDiffForPortalType() replaces old data

Definition at line 40 of file

00041     def testSetDiffReplaces(self):
00042         """Test that setDiffForPortalType() replaces old data"""
00043         d1 = {'field1':'TestDiff', 'field2':'Dummy Diff Type'}
00044         d2 = {'field3':'Dummy Diff Type'}
00045         self.p_diff.setDiffForPortalType('Document', d1)
00046         self.p_diff.setDiffForPortalType('Document', d2)
00047         self.failUnless(self.p_diff.getDiffForPortalType('Document') == d2)

Test setDiffField method

Definition at line 48 of file

00049     def testSingleSetDiffField(self):
00050         """Test setDiffField method"""
00051         self.p_diff.setDiffField('Document', 'title', 'Dummy Diff Type')
00052         self.failUnless(self.p_diff.getDiffForPortalType('Document') == {'title':'Dummy Diff Type'})

Member Data Documentation

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