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CMFCore.tests.base.dummy.DummyUserFolder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def getUsers
def getUser
def getUserById
def userFolderDelUsers

Static Public Attributes

string id = 'acl_users'

Detailed Description

A dummy User Folder with 2 dummy Users.

Definition at line 329 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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00336     def __init__(self):
00337         setattr( self, 'user_foo', DummyUser(id='user_foo') )
00338         setattr( self, 'user_bar', DummyUser(id='user_bar') )
00339         setattr( self, 'all_powerful_Oz', OmnipotentUser() )

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 343 of file

00344     def getUser(self, name):
00345         return getattr(self, name, None)

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def CMFCore.tests.base.dummy.DummyUserFolder.getUserById (   self,
  default = None 

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00347     def getUserById(self, id, default=None):
00348         return self.getUser(id)

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00341     def getUsers(self):
00342         pass

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00350     def userFolderDelUsers(self, names):
00351         for user_id in names:
00352             delattr(self, user_id)

Member Data Documentation

string = 'acl_users' [static]

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