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plone3  3.1.7
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CMFCalendar.browser.event.EventSchemaAdapter Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

tuple title = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['title'], 'Title', 'setTitle')
tuple contact_name = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_name'])
tuple location = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['location'])
tuple contact_email = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_email'])
tuple categories
tuple contact_phone = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_phone'])
tuple event_url = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['event_url'])
tuple start_date
tuple stop_date
tuple description

Detailed Description

Adapter for IMutableEvent.

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
                                    'Subject', 'setSubject')

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Initial value:
                                     'Description', 'setDescription')

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Initial value:
                                    'start', 'setStartDate')

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Initial value:
                                   'end', 'setEndDate')

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tuple CMFCalendar.browser.event.EventSchemaAdapter.title = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['title'], 'Title', 'setTitle') [static]

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