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plone3  3.1.7
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Archetypes.tests.test_varschema.VarSchemataTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def test_variableschema

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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00041     def afterSetUp(self):
00042         registerType(Dummy, 'Archetypes')
00043         content_types, constructors, ftis = process_types(listTypes(), PKG_NAME)

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00045     def test_variableschema(self):        
00046         self.folder.dummy = Dummy(oid='dummy')
00047         dummy = self.folder.dummy
00048         dummy.setTitle('dummy1')
00049         self.assertEqual(dummy.Title(),'dummy1')
00051         #change the schema
00052         dummy.schema=schema1
00053         #try to read an old value using the new schema
00054         self.assertEqual(dummy.Title(),'dummy1')
00055         dummy.setAdditionalField('flurb')
00056         #check if we can read the new field using the new schema
00057         self.assertEqual(dummy.getAdditionalField(),'flurb')

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