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Archetypes.tests.test_sqlstorage.SQLStorageTestBase Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def beforeTearDown
def afterClear

Static Public Attributes

string db_name = ''
 cleanup = cleanup
tuple gadfly_dir = os.path.join(PACKAGE_HOME, 'gadfly')
tuple demo_dir = os.path.join(gadfly_dir, 'demo')

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for the tests 

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Member Function Documentation

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00265     def afterClear(self):
00266         # Restore Gadfly config
00267         if hasattr(self, '_data_dir'):
00268             from Products.ZGadflyDA import db
00269             db.data_dir = self._data_dir
00270         # Remove Gadfly database
00271         if os.path.isdir(self.gadfly_dir):
00272             import shutil
00273             shutil.rmtree(self.gadfly_dir, 1)

Reimplemented from Archetypes.tests.test_sqlstorage.GadflyMagic.

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00282     def afterSetUp(self):
00283         GadflyMagic.afterSetUp(self)
00284         commonAfterSetUp(self)

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00286     def beforeTearDown(self):
00287         clean = self.cleanup.get(self.db_name, None)
00288         if clean is not None:
00289             clean(self)

Member Data Documentation

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tuple Archetypes.tests.test_sqlstorage.GadflyMagic.demo_dir = os.path.join(gadfly_dir, 'demo') [static, inherited]

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tuple Archetypes.tests.test_sqlstorage.GadflyMagic.gadfly_dir = os.path.join(PACKAGE_HOME, 'gadfly') [static, inherited]

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