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plone3  3.1.7
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Archetypes.tests.test_cmfessentials.TestPermissions Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def testPermissions
def testRendering

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Static Public Attributes

list demo_types

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

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00043     def afterSetUp(self):
00044         ATSiteTestCase.afterSetUp(self)
00045         # install AT within portal
00046         self.login()
00047         self.demo_instances = []
00048         for t in self.demo_types:
00049             # XXX: Fails with "Unauthorized" exception from
00050             #      CMFDefault/, in overrideDiscussionFor
00051             #
00052             #      Note that BaseObject.initializeArchetype has a bare except
00053             #      that prints out the error instead of letting it through, so
00054             #      that there is no exception when running the test.
00055             inst = makeContent(self.folder, portal_type=t, id=t)
00056             self.demo_instances.append(inst)

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00058     def testPermissions(self):
00059         for content in self.demo_instances:
00060             # XXX: Strangely enough we have correct permissions here, but not so
00061             #      in initializeArchetype
00062             self.failUnless(checkPerm(permissions.View, content))
00063             self.failUnless(checkPerm(permissions.AccessContentsInformation, content))
00064             self.failUnless(checkPerm(permissions.ModifyPortalContent, content))

Definition at line 65 of file

00066     def testRendering(self):
00067         # Attempt to call each object and make sure it presents a rendered
00068         # html view
00069         for content in self.demo_instances:
00070             self.failUnless(isinstance(content(), basestring))
00071             self.failUnless(content().strip().startswith('<!DOCTYPE'))

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Member Data Documentation

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Initial value:
['DDocument', 'SimpleType', 'SimpleFolder',
                  'Fact', 'ComplexType']

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