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plone3  3.1.7
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Archetypes.Marshall.NonLoweringMessage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def isheader
def getheader

Static Public Attributes

 get = getheader

Detailed Description

A RFC 822 Message class that doesn't lower header names

IMPORTANT: Only a small subset of the available methods aren't lowering the
           header names!

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Member Function Documentation

def Archetypes.Marshall.NonLoweringMessage.getheader (   self,
  default = None 
Get the header value for a name.

Definition at line 45 of file

00046     def getheader(self, name, default=None):
00047         """Get the header value for a name.
00048         """
00049         try:
00050             return self.dict[name]
00051             # return self.dict[name.lower()]
00052         except KeyError:
            return default
Determine whether a given line is a legal header.

Definition at line 35 of file

00036     def isheader(self, line):
00037         """Determine whether a given line is a legal header.
00038         """
00039         i = line.find(':')
00040         if i > 0:
00041             return line[:i]
00042             #return line[:i].lower()
00043         else:
00044             return None        

Member Data Documentation

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