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plone3  3.1.7
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Archetypes.Field.Image Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def title
def isBinary

Static Public Attributes

tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple title = ComputedAttribute(title, 1)
 alt = title_or_idtitle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2065 of file

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 2079 of file

02080     def isBinary(self):
02081         return True

Definition at line 2069 of file

02070     def title(self):
02071         parent = aq_parent(aq_inner(self))
02072         if parent is not None:
02073             return parent.Title() or parent.getId()
02074         return self.getId()

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Member Data Documentation

Archetypes.Field.Image.alt = title_or_idtitle [static]

Definition at line 2077 of file

tuple = ClassSecurityInfo() [static]

Definition at line 2067 of file

tuple Archetypes.Field.Image.title = ComputedAttribute(title, 1) [static]

Definition at line 2075 of file

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