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ATContentTypes.tests.test_criteria.TestCriterionRegistry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def testRegisterCriteria
def testCriteriaIndexLookupOnBadIndex

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Member Function Documentation

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00714     def afterSetUp(self):
00715         from Products.ATContentTypes.criteria import _criterionRegistry
00716         atcttestcase.ATCTSiteTestCase.afterSetUp(self)
00717         self.crit_registry = _criterionRegistry

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00734     def testCriteriaIndexLookupOnBadIndex(self):
00735         # Make sure we don't throw errors when someone has a non-default index
00736         # type in their catalog.
00737         self.crit_registry.criteriaByIndex('My Bad Index Type')
00739 tests.append(TestCriterionRegistry)

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00719     def testRegisterCriteria(self):
00720         # Ensure that the criteria registering and unregistering mechanism
00721         # works as expected
00722         # check if the expected criteria is there
00723         self.failUnless(ATDateCriteria in self.crit_registry.listCriteria())
00724         self.failUnless(self.crit_registry.indicesByCriterion('ATFriendlyDateCriteria'))
00725         # remove and ensure that it was removed
00726         self.crit_registry.unregister(ATDateCriteria)
00727         self.failIf(ATDateCriteria in self.crit_registry.listCriteria())
00728         # add and ensure that it was added
00729         self.crit_registry.register(ATDateCriteria, ('Bogus Index',))
00730         self.failUnless(ATDateCriteria in self.crit_registry.listCriteria())
00731         self.assertEqual(self.crit_registry.indicesByCriterion('ATFriendlyDateCriteria'),
00732                                                         ('Bogus Index',))

Member Data Documentation

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