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plone3  3.1.7
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ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def tag
def cmf_edit
def __bobo_traverse__

Static Public Attributes

 schema = ATNewsItemSchema
string portal_type = 'News Item'
string archetype_name = 'News Item'
tuple assocMimetypes = ()
tuple assocFileExt = ('news', )
 cmf_edit_kws = ATDocumentBase.cmf_edit_kws
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Static Private Attributes

dictionary _atct_newTypeFor = {'portal_type' : 'CMF News Item', 'meta_type' : 'News Item'}
 __implements__ = ATDocumentBase.__implements__,IATNewsItem

Detailed Description

An announcement that will show up on the news portlet and in the news listing.

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Member Function Documentation

def ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem.__bobo_traverse__ (   self,
Transparent access to image scales

Definition at line 139 of file

00140     def __bobo_traverse__(self, REQUEST, name):
00141         """Transparent access to image scales
00142         """
00143         if name.startswith('image'):
00144             field = self.getField('image')
00145             image = None
00146             if name == 'image':
00147                 image = field.getScale(self)
00148             else:
00149                 scalename = name[len('image_'):]
00150                 if scalename in field.getAvailableSizes(self):
00151                     image = field.getScale(self, scale=scalename)
00152             if image is not None and not isinstance(image, basestring):
00153                 # image might be None or '' for empty images
00154                 return image
00156         return ATDocumentBase.__bobo_traverse__(self, REQUEST, name)
00158 registerATCT(ATNewsItem, PROJECTNAME)

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def ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem.cmf_edit (   self,
  description = None,
  text_format = None,

Definition at line 133 of file

00134     def cmf_edit(self, text, description=None, text_format=None, **kwargs):
00135         if description is not None:
00136             self.setDescription(description)
00137         self.setText(text, mimetype=translateMimetypeAlias(text_format))
00138         self.update(**kwargs)

def ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem.tag (   self,
Generate image tag using the api of the ImageField

Definition at line 125 of file

00126     def tag(self, **kwargs):
00127         """Generate image tag using the api of the ImageField
00128         """
00129         if 'title' not in kwargs:
00130             kwargs['title'] = self.getImageCaption()
00131         return self.getField('image').tag(self, **kwargs)

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Member Data Documentation

ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem.__implements__ = ATDocumentBase.__implements__,IATNewsItem [static, private]

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dictionary ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem._atct_newTypeFor = {'portal_type' : 'CMF News Item', 'meta_type' : 'News Item'} [static, private]

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ATContentTypes.content.newsitem.ATNewsItem.cmf_edit_kws = ATDocumentBase.cmf_edit_kws [static]

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tuple = ClassSecurityInfo() [static]

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