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plone3  3.1.7
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ATContentTypes.configuration.datatype.Archetype Class Reference
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def set

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Private Member Functions

def _parse

Detailed Description

data handler for an archetype option

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Reimplemented from ATContentTypes.configuration.datatype.BaseFactory.

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00164     def _parse(self):
00165         sec = self._section
00166         self.set('max_file_size', sec.max_file_size)
00167         self.set('max_image_dimension', sec.max_image_dimension)
00168         self.set('allow_document_upload', sec.allow_document_upload)
00170         ct = sec.contenttypes
00171         if ct is not None:
00172             allowed = tuple(ct.allowed_content_types)
00173             default = ct.default_content_type
00175             if default not in allowed:
00176                 raise ValueError, "Default %s is not in %s" % (default, ct)
00178             self.set('default_content_type', default)
00179             self.set('allowed_content_types', allowed)

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def ATContentTypes.configuration.datatype.BaseFactory.set (   self,
) [inherited]

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00137     def set(self, name, value):
00138         self._names[name] = 1
00139         setattr(self, name, value)

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