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plone3  3.1.7
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namespace  CMFPlone.ToolNames


string CMFPlone.ToolNames.ActionsTool = 'Plone Actions Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.CatalogTool = 'Plone Catalog Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.MemberDataTool = 'Plone Memberdata Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.SkinsTool = 'Plone Skins Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.TypesTool = 'Plone Types Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.UndoTool = 'Plone Undo Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.URLTool = 'Plone URL Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.WorkflowTool = 'Plone Workflow Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.DiscussionTool = 'Plone Discussion Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.MembershipTool = 'Plone Membership Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.RegistrationTool = 'Plone Registration Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.PropertiesTool = 'Plone Properties Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.MetadataTool = 'Plone Metadata Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.SyndicationTool = 'Plone Syndication Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.UtilsTool = 'Plone Utility Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.FactoryTool = 'Plone Factory Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.MigrationTool = 'Plone Migration Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.CalendarTool = 'Plone Calendar Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.ActionIconsTool = 'Plone Action Icons Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.QuickInstallerTool = 'Plone QuickInstaller Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.GroupsTool = 'Plone Groups Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.GroupDataTool = 'Plone Group Data Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.InterfaceTool = 'Portal Interface Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.ControlPanelTool = 'Plone Control Panel Tool'
string CMFPlone.ToolNames.TranslationServiceTool = 'Portal Translation Service Tool'