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plone3  3.1.7
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namespace  Archetypes.config


string Archetypes.config.PKG_NAME = "Archetypes"
string Archetypes.config.SKIN_NAME = "archetypes"
string Archetypes.config.TOOL_NAME = "archetype_tool"
string Archetypes.config.UID_CATALOG = "uid_catalog"
 Name the tool will be installed under.
 Archetypes.config.REGISTER_DEMO_TYPES = True
 Archetypes.config.DEBUG = False
int Archetypes.config.RENAME_AFTER_CREATION_ATTEMPTS = 100
string Archetypes.config.REFERENCE_CATALOG = "reference_catalog"
 Try up to -100 at the end of the id when doing title-to-id renaming.
string Archetypes.config.UUID_ATTR = "_at_uid"
string Archetypes.config.REFERENCE_ANNOTATION = "at_references"
 Archetypes.config.ZOPE_LINES_IS_TUPLE_TYPE = True
 In zope 2.6.3+ and 2.7.0b4+ a lines field returns a tuple not a list.
string Archetypes.config.MYSQL_SQLSTORAGE_TABLE_TYPE = 'INNODB'
 MYSQL SQLStorage Table Type To use connections with ACID transactions you should define it as INNODB.
 Archetypes.config.DEBUG_SECURITY = False
 Debug security settings of Fields, Widgets and Storages?
tuple Archetypes.config.GRAPHVIZ_BINARY = transform_utils.bin_search('dot')
 If you have graphviz and its frontend "dot" installed on your system set this to True You need dot version > 1.10 with cmapx support.
 Archetypes.config.HAS_GRAPHVIZ = False
 comment out the following line to enable the reference graph tool
 Archetypes.config.ATTRIBUTE_SECURITY = True
 protect attributes of AttributeStorage from unallowed access?
string Archetypes.config.LANGUAGE_DEFAULT = u''
 set language default for metadata, it will be overwritten by portal-settings!
 Archetypes.config.CATALOGMAP_USES_PORTALTYPE = True
 Archetypes before 1.4 managed the catalog map using meta types instead of portal types.