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php5  5.3.10
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zend_vm.h File Reference
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#define ZEND_VM_SET_OPCODE_HANDLER(opline)   zend_vm_set_opcode_handler(opline)


ZEND_API void zend_vm_use_old_executor (void)
ZEND_API void zend_vm_set_opcode_handler (zend_op *opcode)

Define Documentation

#define ZEND_VM_SET_OPCODE_HANDLER (   opline)    zend_vm_set_opcode_handler(opline)

Definition at line 27 of file zend_vm.h.

Function Documentation

ZEND_API void zend_vm_set_opcode_handler ( zend_op *  opcode)

Definition at line 34018 of file zend_vm_execute.h.

       op->handler = zend_vm_get_opcode_handler(zend_user_opcodes[op->opcode], op);

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