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php5  5.3.10
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webjames.c File Reference
#include "php.h"
#include "SAPI.h"
#include "php_main.h"
#include "php_variables.h"
#include "php_webjames.h"
#include <unixlib/local.h>

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struct  php_webjames_globals


#define WEBJAMES_SAPI_VERSION   "1.0.2"
#define WG(v)   (webjames_globals.v)
#define BUF_SIZE   512
#define ADD_STRING(name, string)   php_register_variable(name, string, track_vars_array TSRMLS_CC)
#define ADD_NUM(name, field)
#define ADD_FIELD(name, field)


static int sapi_webjames_ub_write (const char *str, uint str_length TSRMLS_DC)
static void sapi_webjames_send_header (sapi_header_struct *sapi_header, void *server_context TSRMLS_DC)
static int sapi_webjames_read_post (char *buffer, uint count_bytes TSRMLS_DC)
static char * sapi_webjames_read_cookies (TSRMLS_D)
static void sapi_webjames_register_variables (zval *track_vars_array TSRMLS_DC)
static void webjames_module_main (TSRMLS_D)
static void webjames_php_close (struct connection *conn, int force)
void webjames_php_request (struct connection *conn)
static void php_info_webjames (ZEND_MODULE_INFO_FUNC_ARGS)
static int php_webjames_startup (sapi_module_struct *sapi_module)
int webjames_php_init (void)
void webjames_php_shutdown (void)


static php_webjames_globals webjames_globals
static zend_module_entry php_webjames_module
static sapi_module_struct sapi_module

Class Documentation

struct php_webjames_globals

Definition at line 32 of file webjames.c.

Class Members
int bodyread
struct connection * conn
closefn oldclose

Define Documentation

#define ADD_FIELD (   name,
if (WG(conn)->field) { \
              php_register_variable(name, WG(conn)->field, track_vars_array TSRMLS_CC); \

Definition at line 111 of file webjames.c.

#define ADD_NUM (   name,
       snprintf(buf, BUF_SIZE, "%d", WG(conn)->field);\
       php_register_variable(name, buf, track_vars_array TSRMLS_CC);\

Definition at line 106 of file webjames.c.

#define ADD_STRING (   name,
)    php_register_variable(name, string, track_vars_array TSRMLS_CC)

Definition at line 103 of file webjames.c.

#define BUF_SIZE   512

Definition at line 102 of file webjames.c.

Definition at line 25 of file webjames.c.

#define WEBJAMES_SAPI_VERSION   "1.0.2"

Definition at line 30 of file webjames.c.

#define WG (   v)    (webjames_globals.v)

Definition at line 40 of file webjames.c.

Function Documentation

static void php_info_webjames ( ZEND_MODULE_INFO_FUNC_ARGS  ) [static]

Definition at line 243 of file webjames.c.

       php_info_print_table_row(2, "SAPI module version", WEBJAMES_SAPI_VERSION);
       php_info_print_table_row(2, "WebJames version", WEBJAMES_VERSION " (" WEBJAMES_DATE ")");

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static int php_webjames_startup ( sapi_module_struct *  sapi_module) [static]

Definition at line 269 of file webjames.c.

  if(php_module_startup(sapi_module, &php_webjames_module, 1) == FAILURE) {
    return FAILURE;
  } else {
    return SUCCESS;

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static char* sapi_webjames_read_cookies ( TSRMLS_D  ) [static]

Definition at line 97 of file webjames.c.

       return WG(conn)->cookie;
static int sapi_webjames_read_post ( char *  buffer,
uint count_bytes  TSRMLS_DC 
) [static]

Definition at line 87 of file webjames.c.

       if (WG(conn)->body==NULL) return 0;
       if (count_bytes+WG(bodyread)>WG(conn)->bodysize) count_bytes=WG(conn)->bodysize-WG(bodyread);
       memcpy(buffer, WG(conn)->body+WG(bodyread), count_bytes);
       return count_bytes;

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static void sapi_webjames_register_variables ( zval *track_vars_array  TSRMLS_DC) [static]

Definition at line 116 of file webjames.c.

       char buf[BUF_SIZE + 1];
       char *docroot;

       buf[BUF_SIZE] = '\0';

       ADD_STRING("SERVER_SOFTWARE", configuration.server);
       ADD_STRING("SERVER_NAME", configuration.serverip);
       ADD_FIELD("SERVER_PROTOCOL", protocol);
       ADD_NUM("SERVER_PORT", port);

       docroot = __unixify(WG(conn)->homedir,0,NULL,1024,0);
       if (docroot) ADD_STRING("DOCUMENT_ROOT", docroot);

       ADD_FIELD("REQUEST_METHOD", methodstr);
       ADD_FIELD("REQUEST_URI", requesturi);
       ADD_STRING("PATH_TRANSLATED", SG(request_info).path_translated);
       ADD_FIELD("SCRIPT_NAME", uri);
       ADD_FIELD("PHP_SELF", uri);
       ADD_FIELD("QUERY_STRING", args);

       snprintf(buf, BUF_SIZE, "%d.%d.%d.%d", WG(conn)->ipaddr[0], WG(conn)->ipaddr[1], WG(conn)->ipaddr[2], WG(conn)->ipaddr[3]);
       ADD_STRING("REMOTE_ADDR", buf);
       if (WG(conn)->dnsstatus == DNS_OK) ADD_FIELD("REMOTE_HOST", host);

       if ((WG(conn)->method == METHOD_POST) || (WG(conn)->method == METHOD_PUT)) {
              ADD_NUM("CONTENT_LENGTH", bodysize);
              ADD_FIELD("CONTENT_TYPE", type);

       if ((WG(conn)->method == METHOD_PUT) || (WG(conn)->method == METHOD_DELETE)) ADD_FIELD("ENTITY_PATH", requesturi);

       if (WG(conn)->pwd) {
              ADD_STRING("AUTH_TYPE", "basic");
              ADD_FIELD("REMOTE_USER", authorization);

       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_COOKIE", cookie);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_USER_AGENT", useragent);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_REFERER", referer);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_ACCEPT", accept);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE", acceptlanguage);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET", acceptcharset);
       ADD_FIELD("HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING", acceptencoding);
static void sapi_webjames_send_header ( sapi_header_struct sapi_header,
void *server_context  TSRMLS_DC 
) [static]

Definition at line 64 of file webjames.c.

       char *header = sapi_header->header;
       int len = sapi_header->header_len;
       if (WG(conn)->flags.outputheaders) {
              while (sapi_header && len > 0) {
                     int bytes;
                     bytes = webjames_writebuffer(WG(conn), header, len);
                     if (bytes<0) {
                            PG(connection_status) = PHP_CONNECTION_ABORTED;
                            if (!PG(ignore_user_abort)) {
                     header += bytes;
                     len -= bytes;
              webjames_writestring(WG(conn), "\r\n");
static int sapi_webjames_ub_write ( const char *  str,
uint str_length  TSRMLS_DC 
) [static]

Definition at line 42 of file webjames.c.

       int totalbytes = 0;

       do {
              int bytes;
              bytes = webjames_writebuffer(WG(conn),str,str_length);
              if (bytes<0) {
                     PG(connection_status) = PHP_CONNECTION_ABORTED;
                     if (!PG(ignore_user_abort)) {
                     return bytes;
              str += bytes;
              str_length -= bytes;
              totalbytes += bytes;
       } while (str_length);
       return totalbytes;
static void webjames_module_main ( TSRMLS_D  ) [static]

Definition at line 166 of file webjames.c.

       zend_file_handle file_handle;
       FILE *fp=NULL;
       char *path;

       /* Convert filename to Unix format*/
       path = __unixify(WG(conn)->filename,0,NULL,1024,0);
       if (path) SG(request_info).path_translated = estrdup(path);

       SG(request_info).query_string = WG(conn)->args;
       SG(request_info).request_uri = WG(conn)->requesturi;
       SG(request_info).request_method = WG(conn)->methodstr;
       if (WG(conn)->method==METHOD_HEAD) {
              SG(request_info).headers_only = 1;
       } else {
              SG(request_info).headers_only = 0;
       SG(sapi_headers).http_response_code = 200;
       SG(request_info).content_type = WG(conn)->type;
       SG(request_info).content_length = WG(conn)->bodysize;

       SG(request_info).auth_user = NULL;
       SG(request_info).auth_password = NULL;
       if (WG(conn)->authorization) {
              char *colon=strchr(WG(conn)->authorization,':');
              if (colon) {
                     SG(request_info).auth_user = emalloc(colon-WG(conn)->authorization+1);
                     if (SG(request_info).auth_user) {
                            SG(request_info).auth_password = estrdup(colon+1);

       /*ensure that syslog calls get logged separately from WebJames' main log */

       file_handle.type = ZEND_HANDLE_FILENAME;
       file_handle.filename = SG(request_info).path_translated;
       file_handle.free_filename = 0;
       file_handle.opened_path = NULL;

       if (php_request_startup(TSRMLS_C) == FAILURE) {
       php_execute_script(&file_handle TSRMLS_CC);

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static void webjames_php_close ( struct connection *  conn,
int  force 
) [static]

Definition at line 219 of file webjames.c.



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int webjames_php_init ( void  )

Definition at line 309 of file webjames.c.

       if (strcmp(configuration.webjames_h_revision,WEBJAMES_H_REVISION)!=0) {
              /*This file was compiled against a different revision of
                webjames.h than webjames was, which could be bad news*/
              webjames_writelog(0,"PHP module is compiled for WebJames (%s) and was linked with a different version (%s)",WEBJAMES_H_REVISION,configuration.webjames_h_revision);
              return 0; /*failed to initialise*/
       SG(server_context) = (void *) 1;
       return 1; /*initialised correctly*/

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void webjames_php_request ( struct connection *  conn)

Definition at line 228 of file webjames.c.


       WG(conn) = conn;
       WG(bodyread) = 0;
       WG(oldclose) = conn->close;


       WG(oldclose)(WG(conn), 0);

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void webjames_php_shutdown ( void  )

Definition at line 325 of file webjames.c.

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Variable Documentation

zend_module_entry php_webjames_module [static]
Initial value:

Definition at line 251 of file webjames.c.

sapi_module_struct sapi_module [static]

Definition at line 38 of file webjames.c.