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php5  5.3.10
unicode_table_koi8r.h File Reference
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static const unsigned short koi8r_ucs_table []
static const int koi8r_ucs_table_min = 0x80
static const int koi8r_ucs_table_len = (sizeof (koi8r_ucs_table) / sizeof (unsigned short))
static const int koi8r_ucs_table_max = 0x80 + (sizeof (koi8r_ucs_table) / sizeof (unsigned short))

Variable Documentation

const unsigned short koi8r_ucs_table[] [static]
Initial value:
 0x2500, 0x2502, 0x250c, 0x2510, 0x2514, 0x2518, 0x251c, 0x2524, 
 0x252c, 0x2534, 0x253c, 0x2580, 0x2584, 0x2588, 0x258c, 0x2590, 
 0x2591, 0x2592, 0x2593, 0x2320, 0x25a0, 0x2219, 0x221a, 0x2248, 
 0x2264, 0x2265, 0x00a0, 0x2321, 0x00b0, 0x00b2, 0x00b7, 0x00f7, 
 0x2550, 0x2551, 0x2552, 0x0451, 0x2553, 0x2554, 0x2555, 0x2556, 
 0x2557, 0x2558, 0x2559, 0x255a, 0x255b, 0x255c, 0x255d, 0x255e, 
 0x255f, 0x2560, 0x2561, 0x0401, 0x2562, 0x2563, 0x2564, 0x2565, 
 0x2566, 0x2567, 0x2568, 0x2569, 0x256a, 0x256b, 0x256c, 0x00a9, 
 0x044e, 0x0430, 0x0431, 0x0446, 0x0434, 0x0435, 0x0444, 0x0433, 
 0x0445, 0x0438, 0x0439, 0x043a, 0x043b, 0x043c, 0x043d, 0x043e, 
 0x043f, 0x044f, 0x0440, 0x0441, 0x0442, 0x0443, 0x0436, 0x0432, 
 0x044c, 0x044b, 0x0437, 0x0448, 0x044d, 0x0449, 0x0447, 0x044a, 
 0x042e, 0x0410, 0x0411, 0x0426, 0x0414, 0x0415, 0x0424, 0x0413, 
 0x0425, 0x0418, 0x0419, 0x041a, 0x041b, 0x041c, 0x041d, 0x041e, 
 0x041f, 0x042f, 0x0420, 0x0421, 0x0422, 0x0423, 0x0416, 0x0412, 
 0x042c, 0x042b, 0x0417, 0x0428, 0x042d, 0x0429, 0x0427, 0x042a

Definition at line 29 of file unicode_table_koi8r.h.

const int koi8r_ucs_table_len = (sizeof (koi8r_ucs_table) / sizeof (unsigned short)) [static]

Definition at line 48 of file unicode_table_koi8r.h.

const int koi8r_ucs_table_max = 0x80 + (sizeof (koi8r_ucs_table) / sizeof (unsigned short)) [static]

Definition at line 49 of file unicode_table_koi8r.h.

const int koi8r_ucs_table_min = 0x80 [static]

Definition at line 47 of file unicode_table_koi8r.h.