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php5  5.3.10
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sxe.h File Reference
#include "php.h"
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zend_class_entry * ce_SimpleXMLIterator

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Definition at line 188 of file sxe.c.

       zend_class_entry **pce;
       zend_class_entry sxi;

       if (zend_hash_find(CG(class_table), "simplexmlelement", sizeof("SimpleXMLElement"), (void **) &pce) == FAILURE) {
              ce_SimpleXMLElement  = NULL;
              ce_SimpleXMLIterator = NULL;
              return SUCCESS; /* SimpleXML must be initialized before */

       ce_SimpleXMLElement = *pce;

       INIT_CLASS_ENTRY_EX(sxi, "SimpleXMLIterator", strlen("SimpleXMLIterator"), funcs_SimpleXMLIterator);
       ce_SimpleXMLIterator = zend_register_internal_class_ex(&sxi, ce_SimpleXMLElement, NULL TSRMLS_CC);
       ce_SimpleXMLIterator->create_object = ce_SimpleXMLElement->create_object;

       zend_class_implements(ce_SimpleXMLIterator TSRMLS_CC, 1, spl_ce_RecursiveIterator);
       zend_class_implements(ce_SimpleXMLIterator TSRMLS_CC, 1, spl_ce_Countable);

       return SUCCESS;

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zend_class_entry* ce_SimpleXMLIterator

Definition at line 34 of file sxe.c.