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php5  5.3.10
spl_engine.c File Reference
#include "php.h"
#include "php_ini.h"
#include "ext/standard/info.h"
#include "zend_interfaces.h"
#include "php_spl.h"
#include "spl_functions.h"
#include "spl_engine.h"
#include "spl_array.h"

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PHPAPI void spl_instantiate (zend_class_entry *pce, zval **object, int alloc TSRMLS_DC)
PHPAPI long spl_offset_convert_to_long (zval *offset TSRMLS_DC)

Function Documentation

PHPAPI void spl_instantiate ( zend_class_entry *  pce,
zval **  object,
int alloc  TSRMLS_DC 

Definition at line 35 of file spl_engine.c.

       if (alloc) {
       object_init_ex(*object, pce);
       Z_SET_REFCOUNT_PP(object, 1);
       Z_SET_ISREF_PP(object); /* check if this can be hold always */

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PHPAPI long spl_offset_convert_to_long ( zval *offset  TSRMLS_DC)

Definition at line 46 of file spl_engine.c.

       switch(Z_TYPE_P(offset)) {
       case IS_STRING:
              ZEND_HANDLE_NUMERIC(Z_STRVAL_P(offset), Z_STRLEN_P(offset)+1, idx);
       case IS_DOUBLE:
       case IS_RESOURCE:
       case IS_BOOL:
       case IS_LONG:
              if (Z_TYPE_P(offset) == IS_DOUBLE) {
                     return (long)Z_DVAL_P(offset);
              } else {
                     return Z_LVAL_P(offset);
       return -1;

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