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php5  5.3.10
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regsyntax.c File Reference
#include "regint.h"

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int onig_set_default_syntax (OnigSyntaxType *syntax)
void onig_copy_syntax (OnigSyntaxType *to, OnigSyntaxType *from)
void onig_set_syntax_op (OnigSyntaxType *syntax, unsigned int op)
void onig_set_syntax_op2 (OnigSyntaxType *syntax, unsigned int op2)
void onig_set_syntax_behavior (OnigSyntaxType *syntax, unsigned int behavior)
void onig_set_syntax_options (OnigSyntaxType *syntax, OnigOptionType options)
unsigned int onig_get_syntax_op (OnigSyntaxType *syntax)
unsigned int onig_get_syntax_op2 (OnigSyntaxType *syntax)
unsigned int onig_get_syntax_behavior (OnigSyntaxType *syntax)
OnigOptionType onig_get_syntax_options (OnigSyntaxType *syntax)


OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxASIS
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxPosixBasic
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxPosixExtended
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxEmacs
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxGrep
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxGnuRegex
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxJava
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxPerl
OnigSyntaxType OnigSyntaxPerl_NG

Function Documentation

void onig_copy_syntax ( OnigSyntaxType to,
OnigSyntaxType from 

Definition at line 154 of file regsyntax.c.

  *to = *from;

Definition at line 196 of file regsyntax.c.

  return syntax->behavior;
unsigned int onig_get_syntax_op ( OnigSyntaxType syntax)

Definition at line 184 of file regsyntax.c.

  return syntax->op;
unsigned int onig_get_syntax_op2 ( OnigSyntaxType syntax)

Definition at line 190 of file regsyntax.c.

  return syntax->op2;

Definition at line 202 of file regsyntax.c.

  return syntax->options;

Definition at line 144 of file regsyntax.c.

  if (IS_NULL(syntax))
    syntax = ONIG_SYNTAX_RUBY;

  OnigDefaultSyntax = syntax;
  return 0;
void onig_set_syntax_behavior ( OnigSyntaxType syntax,
unsigned int  behavior 

Definition at line 172 of file regsyntax.c.

  syntax->behavior = behavior;
void onig_set_syntax_op ( OnigSyntaxType syntax,
unsigned int  op 

Definition at line 160 of file regsyntax.c.

  syntax->op = op;
void onig_set_syntax_op2 ( OnigSyntaxType syntax,
unsigned int  op2 

Definition at line 166 of file regsyntax.c.

  syntax->op2 = op2;
void onig_set_syntax_options ( OnigSyntaxType syntax,
OnigOptionType  options 

Definition at line 178 of file regsyntax.c.

  syntax->options = options;

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Variable Documentation

Initial value:

Definition at line 32 of file regsyntax.c.

Initial value:

Definition at line 84 of file regsyntax.c.