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php5  5.3.10
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php_lcg.h File Reference
#include "ext/standard/basic_functions.h"
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struct  php_lcg_globals


#define LCG(v)   (lcg_globals.v)


PHPAPI double php_combined_lcg (TSRMLS_D)
 PHP_FUNCTION (lcg_value)

Class Documentation

struct php_lcg_globals

Definition at line 26 of file php_lcg.h.

Class Members
php_int32 s1
php_int32 s2
int seeded

Define Documentation

#define LCG (   v)    (lcg_globals.v)

Definition at line 40 of file php_lcg.h.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 55 of file lcg.c.

       php_int32 q;
       php_int32 z;

       if (!LCG(seeded)) {

       MODMULT(53668, 40014, 12211, 2147483563L, LCG(s1));
       MODMULT(52774, 40692, 3791, 2147483399L, LCG(s2));

       z = LCG(s1) - LCG(s2);
       if (z < 1) {
              z += 2147483562;

       return z * 4.656613e-10;

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PHP_FUNCTION ( lcg_value  )

Definition at line 119 of file lcg.c.

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Definition at line 106 of file lcg.c.

#ifdef ZTS
       ts_allocate_id(&lcg_globals_id, sizeof(php_lcg_globals), (ts_allocate_ctor) lcg_init_globals, NULL);
       return SUCCESS;

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