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php5  5.3.10
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php_dom.h File Reference
#include <libxml/parser.h>
#include <libxml/parserInternals.h>
#include <libxml/tree.h>
#include <libxml/uri.h>
#include <libxml/xmlerror.h>
#include <libxml/xinclude.h>
#include <libxml/hash.h>
#include <libxml/c14n.h>
#include "xml_common.h"
#include "ext/libxml/php_libxml.h"
#include "zend_exceptions.h"
#include "dom_ce.h"
#include "dom_fe.h"

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struct  _dom_xpath_object
struct  _dom_nnodemap_object
struct  php_dom_iterator


#define phpext_dom_ptr   &dom_module_entry
#define DOM_API_VERSION   "20031129"
#define REGISTER_DOM_CLASS(ce, name, parent_ce, funcs, entry)
#define DOM_GET_OBJ(__ptr, __id, __prtype, __intern)
#define DOM_NO_ARGS()
#define DOM_NODELIST   0


typedef struct _dom_xpath_object dom_xpath_object
typedef struct _dom_nnodemap_object dom_nnodemap_object


dom_objectdom_object_get_data (xmlNodePtr obj)
dom_doc_propsptr dom_get_doc_props (php_libxml_ref_obj *document)
zend_object_value dom_objects_new (zend_class_entry *class_type TSRMLS_DC)
zend_object_value dom_nnodemap_objects_new (zend_class_entry *class_type TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_get_strict_error (php_libxml_ref_obj *document)
void php_dom_throw_error (int error_code, int strict_error TSRMLS_DC)
void php_dom_throw_error_with_message (int error_code, char *error_message, int strict_error TSRMLS_DC)
void node_list_unlink (xmlNodePtr node TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_check_qname (char *qname, char **localname, char **prefix, int uri_len, int name_len)
xmlNsPtr dom_get_ns (xmlNodePtr node, char *uri, int *errorcode, char *prefix)
void dom_set_old_ns (xmlDoc *doc, xmlNs *ns)
xmlNsPtr dom_get_nsdecl (xmlNode *node, xmlChar *localName)
void dom_normalize (xmlNodePtr nodep TSRMLS_DC)
xmlNode * dom_get_elements_by_tag_name_ns_raw (xmlNodePtr nodep, char *ns, char *local, int *cur, int index)
void php_dom_create_implementation (zval **retval TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_hierarchy (xmlNodePtr parent, xmlNodePtr child)
int dom_has_feature (char *feature, char *version)
int dom_node_is_read_only (xmlNodePtr node)
int dom_node_children_valid (xmlNodePtr node)
void php_dom_create_interator (zval *return_value, int ce_type TSRMLS_DC)
void dom_namednode_iter (dom_object *basenode, int ntype, dom_object *intern, xmlHashTablePtr ht, xmlChar *local, xmlChar *ns TSRMLS_DC)
xmlNodePtr create_notation (const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar *ExternalID, const xmlChar *SystemID)
xmlNode * php_dom_libxml_hash_iter (xmlHashTable *ht, int index)
xmlNode * php_dom_libxml_notation_iter (xmlHashTable *ht, int index)
zend_object_iterator * php_dom_get_iterator (zend_class_entry *ce, zval *object, int by_ref TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_set_doc_classmap (php_libxml_ref_obj *document, zend_class_entry *basece, zend_class_entry *ce TSRMLS_DC)


zend_module_entry dom_module_entry

Class Documentation

struct _dom_xpath_object

Definition at line 70 of file php_dom.h.

Collaboration diagram for _dom_xpath_object:
Class Members
php_libxml_ref_obj * document
zend_object_handle handle
HashTable * node_list
HashTable * prop_handler
void * ptr
HashTable * registered_phpfunctions
int registerPhpFunctions
zend_object std
struct _dom_nnodemap_object

Definition at line 81 of file php_dom.h.

Collaboration diagram for _dom_nnodemap_object:
Class Members
dom_object * baseobj
zval * baseobjptr
xmlHashTable * ht
xmlChar * local
int nodetype
xmlChar * ns
struct php_dom_iterator

Definition at line 90 of file php_dom.h.

Class Members
zval * curobj
zend_object_iterator intern

Define Documentation

#define DOM_API_VERSION   "20031129"

Definition at line 66 of file php_dom.h.

#define DOM_GET_OBJ (   __ptr,
{ \
       __intern = (dom_object *)zend_object_store_get_object(__id TSRMLS_CC); \
       if (__intern->ptr == NULL || !(__ptr = (__prtype)((php_libxml_node_ptr *)__intern->ptr)->node)) { \
              php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_WARNING, "Couldn't fetch %s", __intern->std.ce->name);\
       } \

Definition at line 132 of file php_dom.h.


Definition at line 150 of file php_dom.h.

#define DOM_NO_ARGS ( )
if (zend_parse_parameters_none() == FAILURE) { \
              return; \

Definition at line 140 of file php_dom.h.

#define DOM_NODELIST   0

Definition at line 149 of file php_dom.h.


Definition at line 68 of file php_dom.h.

php_error_docref(NULL TSRMLS_CC, E_WARNING, "Not yet implemented"); \

Definition at line 145 of file php_dom.h.

Definition at line 27 of file php_dom.h.

#define REGISTER_DOM_CLASS (   ce,
INIT_CLASS_ENTRY(ce, name, funcs); \
ce.create_object = dom_objects_new; \
entry = zend_register_internal_class_ex(&ce, parent_ce, NULL TSRMLS_CC);

Definition at line 127 of file php_dom.h.

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

xmlNodePtr create_notation ( const xmlChar *  name,
const xmlChar *  ExternalID,
const xmlChar *  SystemID 
int dom_check_qname ( char *  qname,
char **  localname,
char **  prefix,
int  uri_len,
int  name_len 
dom_doc_propsptr dom_get_doc_props ( php_libxml_ref_obj *  document)
xmlNode* dom_get_elements_by_tag_name_ns_raw ( xmlNodePtr  nodep,
char *  ns,
char *  local,
int cur,
int  index 
xmlNsPtr dom_get_ns ( xmlNodePtr  node,
char *  uri,
int errorcode,
char *  prefix 
xmlNsPtr dom_get_nsdecl ( xmlNode *  node,
xmlChar *  localName 
int dom_get_strict_error ( php_libxml_ref_obj *  document)
int dom_has_feature ( char *  feature,
char *  version 
int dom_hierarchy ( xmlNodePtr  parent,
xmlNodePtr  child 
void dom_namednode_iter ( dom_object basenode,
int  ntype,
dom_object intern,
xmlHashTablePtr  ht,
xmlChar *  local,
xmlChar *ns  TSRMLS_DC 
zend_object_value dom_nnodemap_objects_new ( zend_class_entry *class_type  TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_node_children_valid ( xmlNodePtr  node)
int dom_node_is_read_only ( xmlNodePtr  node)
void dom_normalize ( xmlNodePtr nodep  TSRMLS_DC)
dom_object* dom_object_get_data ( xmlNodePtr  obj)
zend_object_value dom_objects_new ( zend_class_entry *class_type  TSRMLS_DC)
int dom_set_doc_classmap ( php_libxml_ref_obj *  document,
zend_class_entry *  basece,
zend_class_entry *ce  TSRMLS_DC 
void dom_set_old_ns ( xmlDoc *  doc,
xmlNs *  ns 
void node_list_unlink ( xmlNodePtr node  TSRMLS_DC)
void php_dom_create_implementation ( zval **retval  TSRMLS_DC)
void php_dom_create_interator ( zval *  return_value,
int ce_type  TSRMLS_DC 
zend_object_iterator* php_dom_get_iterator ( zend_class_entry *  ce,
zval *  object,
int by_ref  TSRMLS_DC 
xmlNode* php_dom_libxml_hash_iter ( xmlHashTable *  ht,
int  index 
xmlNode* php_dom_libxml_notation_iter ( xmlHashTable *  ht,
int  index 
void php_dom_throw_error ( int  error_code,
int strict_error  TSRMLS_DC 
void php_dom_throw_error_with_message ( int  error_code,
char *  error_message,
int strict_error  TSRMLS_DC 

Variable Documentation

zend_module_entry dom_module_entry