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php5  5.3.10
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msgformat_class.h File Reference
#include <php.h>
#include "intl_common.h"
#include "intl_error.h"
#include "intl_data.h"
#include "msgformat_data.h"
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struct  MessageFormatter_object


#define MSG_FORMAT_OBJECT(mfo)   (mfo)->mf_data.umsgf


void msgformat_register_class (TSRMLS_D)


zend_class_entry * MessageFormatter_ce_ptr

Class Documentation

struct MessageFormatter_object

Definition at line 27 of file msgformat_class.h.

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Class Members
msgformat_data mf_data
zend_object zo

Define Documentation

Definition at line 38 of file msgformat_class.h.

Definition at line 37 of file msgformat_class.h.

#define MSG_FORMAT_OBJECT (   mfo)    (mfo)->mf_data.umsgf

Definition at line 39 of file msgformat_class.h.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 154 of file msgformat_class.c.

       zend_class_entry ce;

       /* Create and register 'MessageFormatter' class. */
       INIT_CLASS_ENTRY( ce, "MessageFormatter", MessageFormatter_class_functions );
       ce.create_object = MessageFormatter_object_create;
       MessageFormatter_ce_ptr = zend_register_internal_class( &ce TSRMLS_CC );

       memcpy(&MessageFormatter_handlers, zend_get_std_object_handlers(),
              sizeof MessageFormatter_handlers);
       MessageFormatter_handlers.clone_obj = MessageFormatter_object_clone;

       /* Declare 'MessageFormatter' class properties. */
       if( !MessageFormatter_ce_ptr )
              zend_error(E_ERROR, "Failed to register MessageFormatter class");

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Variable Documentation

zend_class_entry* MessageFormatter_ce_ptr

Definition at line 27 of file msgformat_class.c.