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php5  5.3.10
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00001 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
00003 <html>
00004 <head>
00005   <title>PHP SOAP Interop</title>
00006 </head>
00007 <?php
00008 // get our endpoint
00009 $server = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].':'.$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'];
00010 $base = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interop.wsdl.php";
00011 $groupb = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/interopB.wsdl.php";
00012 $groupc = (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?"https://":"http://").$server.dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/echoheadersvc.wsdl.php";
00013 ?>
00014 <body>
00016 <h2 align='center'>PHP SOAP Interop</h2>
00017 <p>Welcome to the PHP SOAP Interop pages.  These pages are set up for
00018 SOAP Builder interop tests.  You can find out more about the interop tests
00019 at <a href="">White Mesa</a>.</p>
00020 <p>Currently Round 2 base, Group B and Group C interop tests are enabled.</p>
00022 <h3>Round 2 Interop Server</h3>
00023 Base WSDL: <a href="<?php echo $base ?>"><?php echo $base ?></a><br>
00024 Group B WSDL: <a href="<?php echo $groupb ?>"><?php echo $groupb ?></a><br>
00025 Group C WSDL: <a href="<?php echo $groupc ?>"><?php echo $groupc ?></a><br>
00027 <h3>Interop Client</h3>
00029 <p>Notes: Tests are done both "Direct" and with "WSDL".  WSDL tests use the supplied interop WSDL
00030 to run the tests against.  The Direct method uses an internal prebuilt list of methods and parameters
00031 for the test.</p>
00032 <p>Tests are also run against two methods of generating method parameters.  The first, 'php', attempts
00033 to directly serialize PHP variables into soap values.  The second method, 'soapval', uses a SoapParam and SoapVar
00034 classes to define what the type of the value is.</p>
00036 <h3>Client Test Interface</h3>
00037 <p>The <a href="client_round2.php">client interface</a> allows you to run the PHP SOAP
00038 Client against a choosen interop server.  Each run updates the results database below.</p>
00040 <h3>Interop Client Test Results</h3>
00041 <p>This is a database of the current test results using PHP SOAP Clients against interop servers.</p>
00042 <p>More detail (wire) about errors (marked yellow or red) can be obtained by clicking on the
00043 link in the result box.  If we have an HTTP error
00044 attempting to connect to the endpoint, we will mark all consecutive attempts as errors, and skip
00045 testing that endpoint.  This reduces the time it takes to run the tests if a server is unavailable.</p>
00046 <ul>
00047 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=base&type=php&wsdl=0">Base results using PHP native types</a></li>
00048 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=base&type=soapval&wsdl=0">Base results using SOAP types</a></li>
00049 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=base&type=php&wsdl=1">Base results using PHP native types with WSDL</a></li>
00050 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupB&type=php&wsdl=0">Group B results using PHP native types</a></li>
00051 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupB&type=soapval&wsdl=0">Group B results using SOAP types</a></li>
00052 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupB&type=php&wsdl=1">Group B results using PHP native types with WSDL</a></li>
00053 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupC&type=php&wsdl=0">Group C results using PHP native types</a></li>
00054 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupC&type=soapval&wsdl=0">Group C results using SOAP types</a></li>
00055 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php?test=GroupC&type=php&wsdl=1">Group C results using PHP native types with WSDL</a></li>
00056 <li><a href="client_round2_results.php">Show All Results</a></li>
00057 </ul>
00058 </body>
00059 </html>