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php5  5.3.10
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gdcache.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>

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struct  gdCache_element_s
struct  gdCache_head_s


#define NULL   (void *)0


typedef int(* gdCacheTestFn_t )(void *userdata, void *keydata)
typedef void *(* gdCacheFetchFn_t )(char **error, void *keydata)
typedef void(* gdCacheReleaseFn_t )(void *userdata)
typedef struct gdCache_element_s
typedef struct gdCache_head_s


gdCache_head_t * gdCacheCreate (int size, gdCacheTestFn_t gdCacheTest, gdCacheFetchFn_t gdCacheFetch, gdCacheReleaseFn_t gdCacheRelease)
void gdCacheDelete (gdCache_head_t *head)
void * gdCacheGet (gdCache_head_t *head, void *keydata)

Class Documentation

struct gdCache_element_s

Definition at line 59 of file gdcache.h.

Class Members
gdCache_element_t * next
void * userdata
struct gdCache_head_s

Definition at line 66 of file gdcache.h.

Class Members
char * error
gdCacheFetchFn_t gdCacheFetch
gdCacheReleaseFn_t gdCacheRelease
gdCacheTestFn_t gdCacheTest
gdCache_element_t * mru
int size

Define Documentation

static NULL   (void *)0

Definition at line 49 of file gdcache.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct gdCache_element_s

Definition at line 58 of file gdcache.h.

typedef struct gdCache_head_s

Definition at line 65 of file gdcache.h.

typedef void*(* gdCacheFetchFn_t)(char **error, void *keydata)

Definition at line 54 of file gdcache.h.

typedef void(* gdCacheReleaseFn_t)(void *userdata)

Definition at line 55 of file gdcache.h.

typedef int(* gdCacheTestFn_t)(void *userdata, void *keydata)

Definition at line 53 of file gdcache.h.

Function Documentation

gdCache_head_t* gdCacheCreate ( int  size,
gdCacheTestFn_t  gdCacheTest,
gdCacheFetchFn_t  gdCacheFetch,
gdCacheReleaseFn_t  gdCacheRelease 
void gdCacheDelete ( gdCache_head_t *  head)
void* gdCacheGet ( gdCache_head_t *  head,
void *  keydata