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php5  5.3.10
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flock.h File Reference
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#define fsync   _commit
#define ftruncate   chsize
#define LOCK_SH   1
#define LOCK_EX   2
#define LOCK_NB   4
#define LOCK_UN   8


PHPAPI int flock (int fd, int op)

Define Documentation

#define fsync   _commit

Definition at line 1 of file flock.h.

#define ftruncate   chsize

Definition at line 2 of file flock.h.

#define LOCK_EX   2

Definition at line 7 of file flock.h.

#define LOCK_NB   4

Definition at line 8 of file flock.h.

#define LOCK_SH   1

Definition at line 6 of file flock.h.

#define LOCK_UN   8

Definition at line 9 of file flock.h.

Function Documentation

PHPAPI int flock ( int  fd,
int  op 

Definition at line 41 of file flock_compat.c.

       return php_flock(fd, operation);

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