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php5  5.3.10
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 filter_errors_skipif ($needle)
 filter_errors_test ($filter, $data)

Function Documentation

filter_errors_skipif ( needle)

Definition at line 3 of file

       if (!function_exists('fnmatch')) {
              die('skip fnmatch() not available');
       $filters = stream_get_filters();
       foreach($filters as $filter) {
              if (fnmatch($filter, $needle)) return;
       die("skip $needle not available");

Here is the call graph for this function:

filter_errors_test ( filter,

Definition at line 14 of file


       echo "test filtering of buffered data\n";

       $stream = fopen('php://memory', 'wb+');

       fwrite($stream, b".\r\n$data");
       fseek($stream, 0, SEEK_SET);
       stream_get_line($stream, 8192, "\r\n");

       $f = stream_filter_append($stream, $filter);

       echo "test filtering of non buffered data\n";

       $stream = fopen('php://memory', 'wb+');

       fwrite($stream, b"$data");
       fseek($stream, 0, SEEK_SET);

       stream_filter_append($stream, $filter);